The Empowering Olympic, Paralympic, and Amateur Athlete Act of 2020 was signed into law on Oct. 30, 2020, by President Trump. The legislation establishes mechanisms for governmental oversite of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee, National Governing Bodies and amateur athlete organizations in the United States. In addition to empowering athletes and increasing resources for the U.S. Center for SafeSport, the act also promotes transparency through comprehensive auditing and reporting requirements.

Pursuant to the Act, the USOPC will annually submit the following information to Congress and make the information publicly available on as part of its annual Impact Report and financial audit:

  • A comprehensive description of the activities and accomplishments of the corporation during such calendar year as outlined in this report.
  • Data concerning the participation of women, disabled individuals, and racial and ethnic minorities in the amateur athletic activities and administration of the corporation and national governing bodies. More
  • A description of the steps taken to encourage the participation of women, disabled individuals, and racial minorities in amateur athletic activities. More
  • A description of any lawsuit or grievance filed against the corporation, including any dispute initiated under this chapter. More
  • The agenda and minutes of any meeting of the board of directors of the corporation that occurred during such calendar year. More
  • A report by the compliance committee of the corporation that, with respect to such calendar year that identifies More
    • The areas in which the corporation has met compliance standards; and
    • The areas in which the corporation has not met compliance standards; and
    • Assesses the compliance of each member of the corporation and provides a plan for improvement, as necessary.
  • A detailed description of any complaint of retaliation made during such calendar year, including the entity involved, the number of allegations of retaliation, and the outcome of such allegations. More

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